The United Church of Christ is a community of faith that seeks to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed. The UCC was founded in 1957 as the union of several different Christian traditions. From the beginning of our history, we were a church that affirmed the ideal that Christians did not always have to agree with one another in order to live together in communion. Our motto - "that they may all be one" - is Jesus' prayer for the unity of the church.

The religious heritage of the UCC stems from the great traditions of the Protestant Reformation - Lutheran,Calvinist, and Congregational. These traditions were brought

to America by Protestants fleeing persecution from Europe.

Although the UCC is a union of several Christian traditions, each congregation directs and practices its own form of organization, worship, education and mission. The affairs of the church are managed by the congregation, of which the Pastor is a member. All members have a voice in the governing of the church through participation in the various committees, as they may choose, which meet at monthly church councils and at the annual meeting.

Key Elements of Our Belief  

* The Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit                                                                        * The Authority of the Scriptures

* Jesus Christ is the only head of the church                                                                     * Christian Unity and Doctrinal Freedom

* Salvation through he death and resurrection of Jesus Christ                                          * Bearing Witness and Serving Others

* Celebration of the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Baptism                                   * All are welcome

                                                                         Handicap Accessibility   

Our elevator was installed in 2012 to allow handicap access between two floors. It comfortably holds 2-3 people at a time or 1 wheelchair.
Our handicap access ramp was renovated in 2011 as an Eagle Scout project by Kenny Creasy of Troop 26 in Berkley. Wood was replaced with plastic and lights added for safety.

We currently have a total of 7 handicap parking spaces in our lot.

There are 5 handicap spaces in the front lot and 2 spaces in the rear of the church entering Fellowship Hall.