Welcome to Lakeville UCC

Lakeville UCC grew out of the early New England Congregational

tradition. The Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony, along with the Puritans

who followed, helped to establish the Congregational Churches of

New England, founded on the concepts of reform and self-governance.

At Lakeville UCC, we continue the traditions of Christian unity and

the empowerment of the congregation.  Accordingly, we offer many

opportunities for participation in our ministry, such as:

*  Music

*  Christian Education

*  Men's & Women's Groups

*  Bible Studies

*  Social Outreach & Missions

*  Lay Leadership

Whatever your spiritual background, interests or needs, we hope you

enjoy your worship here and choose to return.  We offer a time of

fellowship after each service downstairs for anyone who wishes to

relax and get to know us better. Please, make yourself at home.